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Preferred-cleaning is a platform where you can book the services of efficient and reliable house cleaners in Singapore. Moreover, we also offer bookings for commercial cleaning services Singapore. By using our website, you can easily ask us for various cleaning services as well as house cleaning prices. This will save you time and effort, so you will have additional time for work and family.


If you are in need of a reliable service for house cleaning Singapore, we can offer our services and we can cater from small apartment space, HDB, condominium units, landed properties, stores, offices, and warehouses. We guarantee to deploy only the most professional, most efficient, and most reliable cleaners in the country. Regardless if it is a regular house cleaning, part-time cleaning service, or a one time house cleaning like move-in or move-out cleaning service, we will make sure that you only receive the best service. Come and enjoy our attractive rates; our house cleaning prices are competitive.


So, what do you need? Let us help you. Tell us what kind of cleaning services Singapore you need. We actually have a wide array of services to suit your requirements:


Part time Cleaner Singapore


We offer the services of a part time helper Singapore to do once-a-week, twice-a-week, or thrice-a-week cleaning services. If you need a short-term regular house cleaning in weekly terms, we can give you a quotation. Some clients request for a once-a-week home cleaning services Singapore, especially when their full time maid is out for brief vacation or is sick. This is the usual set-up for this. We can have your home cleaned a once or a few times a week until your regular maid comes back. Please keep in mind that the rates for part-time  helper is a little higher compared to a full-time, regular cleaning service Singapore.


The duration of house cleaning vary from one house to another and generally depend on the homeowner’s requirements and needs, as well as with the size of the house. Most of the time, we only send one part time cleaner Singapore to do the job and the cleaning will be 3-4 hours for a 2-bedroom condominium, but may require longer hours (4-5) for a whole house.


Moving Out Cleaning Singapore


Are you moving out? You might need a little help cleaning your things and the space you’ll leave behind. We also have a service for moving out cleaning Singapore and this is categorized as a one time time cleaning service Singapore. This one time cleaning service Singapore usually takes 4 to 5 hours, depending on the size of your home.



Move In Cleaning Singapore


In addition to moving out cleaning service Singapore, you might need to avail our pre moving in cleaning Singapore service. This involves cleaning your new space or home before you move in and settle your things and furniture. Both moving out and moving in cleaning require dusting and cleaning of windows and grills, fans, the insides of wardrobes, drawers and kitchen cabinets; as well as clean up of refrigerator if there’s any. These cleaning steps, however, are not required in regular cleaning services Singapore, as these can be done periodically.

Spring Cleaning Singapore


This one-time service is ideal for the seasonal spring cleaning. Let us help you have a cleaner and fresher environment as the new season enters. You may request for a quotation for a longer shift, especially if your spring cleaning requirements involve replacing of old clothes/ stuff that may require sorting them and cleaning of wardrobe. Please inform our representative about your requests so that we can give you a proper quotation.


Post tenancy Cleaning Singapore


Tenancy contract ending soon and you need fast, reliable cleaning service to clean up before you go? We’ve got you covered. We have a post tenancy or handover cleaning service that will definitely keep this situation under control.


This service involves cleaning of the whole unit or house before the move out date. We recommend that any compartments must be emptied, including kitchen cabinets and refrigerators before the cleaning date to ensure proper cleaning. In case of stains, molds, soap scums, and grease all over the house, you must inform us beforehand. This way, we will know what cleaning solutions and tools are needed. Also, let us know if there are fans and blinds so we can give you an accurate quotation.


Here is the scope of job done in post tenancy house cleaning:


  • Dusting and wiping sofa, TV console, and living room furniture
  • Dusting and wiping of light switches
  • Dusting drawer and wardrobe exterior; if empty, the cleaner may do interior surfaces as well
  • Dusting and wiping of doors and gates
  • Cleaning of wash basin, refrigerator, oven, and counter tops
  • De-greasing of stovetop, hob, and kitchen hood
  • Wiping and degreasing of kitchen walls
  • Mopping of floor
  • Cleaning of the bathrooms, including the walls and floor, basin, bathtub, toilet, and shower enclosure, if there is any
  • Cleaning of windows and grills, glass windows
  • Vacuuming the whole house
  • Dusting of ceiling may be requested but with additional charge
  • Cleaning of fans may be requested with additional charge



Aside from the professional cleaning services Singapore mentioned above, we also offer the following:


  • Post Renovation Cleaning Service
  • House Valuation Cleaning Service
  • Ad-hoc House Cleaning Service
  • Hari Raya /Christmas/ Chinese New Year/ Deepavali/ Ramadan Cleaning Services
  • After-party Cleaning Services
  • Ironing of Clothes


House Cleaning Prices


The quotation of prices for cleaning service SIngapore vary and generally depend on:


  • The level of cleanliness of the house (time needed to clean the house is usually based on its cleanliness)
  • The floor area of the house
  • Number of toilet and bathroom
  • appliances/ furniture that need cleaning (i.e. lights, fans, oven, etc.)
  • Additional cleaning scopes like walls and ceiling cleaning, and others
  • Request for ironing services
  • Pets at home

Call us now and describe your home to one of our customer service representative and he or she will send you a quote for a regular cleaning job, part time cleaning, or one-time cleaning service.

Why Choose a Professional Cleaning Services Singapore


Cleaning a house yourself can be a very tedious task, not to mention very time-consuming on your part. That is why more and more customers are seeking our services. We are a cleaning company Singapore that makes everything easier. From cleaning, maintenance and even ironing of clothes, we can do all of that! Hiring us will give you peace of mind as well as a clean, well-maintained home.


Finding a house cleaner that is efficient and can be trusted is never easy. There are horror stories of untrustworthy cleaners that some homeowners mistakenly hired. There are dozens of cleaner services all over the country, but how do you know which one is the right to choose? Never go through that situation, hire a cleaner from us! Our recruiting process is rigorous and all our cleaners have to undergo aptitude tests, background checks, and interviews to ensure they are capable of working and are physically and mentally fit, and trustworthy, too.


Our cleaning services Singapore is available everyday, including public holidays. We also have a dedicated customer care service team that you can call to help you with your questions and inquiries.



Our services includes: Pre moving in cleaning Singapore, professional cleaning services SingaporeRegular Cleaning Services Singaporehouse cleaning prices and one time cleaning service Singapore.